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Live at Liars by Ray Blue


"Ray Blue opens doors with his saxophone and lets in fresh air with his heart."

Recording of Ray Blue's concert at Liars Theatre, featuring Ray's original tunes. 

Liner Notes

There was a night in Iowa City, Iowa a few years ago, at a now defunct club called The Parthenon, when the definition of the word 'eat' changed forever. Ray Blue had appeared with us at Liars Theatre several times during the proceeding years, but that night he changed my way of listening to music. It was Ray, Evan, Greg and Manny... four very cool cats onstage that night... who cracked the code, allowing me into the complex art form of jazz. Lights were off, only musicians' eyes illuminating the crowl... paws everywhere, pounding skins, keys, strings... valves... whiskered mouths blowing. Something entered the room, staying close to the walls, moving from table to table... carrying away predictable expectations. Language was different now... communication without words. In the dark there was light, you could feel it... see the music. Conversation intricate and detailed... everything left to interpretation... nothing left to change. Ray Blue opens doors with his saxophone and lets in fresh air with his heart. I am very pleased to bring a small part of him to you here. 

Cruz Steele

Host of Liars Holographic Radio Theatre




1. ATTITUDE (10:37)

2. MY FRIEND AND I (8:59)

3. MR. BEASLEY (7:42)


5. STUFF AND SUCH (10:37)

6. SO WHAT (9:17)

Miles Davis

Sony/ATV Songs LLC obo Jazz Horn Music/BMI

7. WORK (6:42)

All songs written by Ray Blue except Track 6.

Total 61:21



Ray Blue – Saxophone

Manuel Lopez III - Drums

Evan Mazunik - Piano

Greg Mazunik - Bass

Album info

Recorded live at Liars Theatre

May 21 & 22, 2004

Produced by Cruz Steele

Recorded and mixed by Karrleton Recording

Art Direction: Maggie Campbell


Links for Listening

Listen to Live at Liars by Ray Blue
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